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15th International Underwater Film Festival - Belgrade


Here are the results from 15th International Underwater Film Festival contests:


Grand Prix

330 mètres sous les mers

Director / Author: La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, Mini Laurent, France

PC - PRO CATEGORY ( for professional productions )

1st Place

The Last Hunters
Director / Author (name):Twin Star Productions, Steve L. Lichtag , Czech Republic

2nd Place

La Vie Sans Air, Les Fils Du Grand Bleu
Director / Author (Name) : A Gedeon Production , Jean-François Julian , France

3rd Place

Project Manta
Director / Author (name):Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd, Gisela Kaufmann , Germany


Ghost In The Baltic Sea
Director / Author (name): Joakim Odelberg , Peter Isaksson, Per W Rönnecke, Sweden

Basking Sharks - Gentle Giants
Director / Author (name): Florian Guthknecht , Germany

Special award

The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales
Director / Author (name) Mark Woodward ,Big Wave Productions, UK

Special Jury Mention

Escape to Tahiti and her Islands
Director / Author (name): Libor Spacek , Petra Dolezalova , Czech Republic

IC - INDEPENDENT CATEGORY (amateur film makers, independent producer)

1st Place

PALAU, when the forest meets the sea
Director/ Author (name): Leonardo Sergiani , Italy

2nd Place

Light Screen
Director / Author (name):RISCK, Carlos Virgili , Spain

3rd Place

The Queen of the Carpathians
Director / Author (name): Jaroslav Blasko , Slovakia

Special awards:

East Scheldt, discovery underwater
Director / Author (name) : Edward Snijders , Netherland

Haven, 20 Ans Apres
Director / Author (name): Jerome Espla , France

Special Jury Mention

À La Recherche De Nai Tucha
Director / Author (name): Karin Pointner, Austria

Best National Film

Tackice u Okeanu
Director / Author (name):Janez Kranjc, Serbia

Special award

U Mom Svetu - In My World
Director / Author (name) : Vladimir Mladenovic , Serbia


Mr. Pavol Svitanek (Slovakia ), Mr. Miljan Vuksanovic (SRB), Mr.Veljko Pavlovic ( SRB ) and Mr. Aleksandar Kostic ( SRB )

All members of the jury are known underwater film authors, producers and directors, each of them with experience of more than 20 years.

There were more than 60 films in the competition.
Congratulations to the awarded authors and thanks to all who took part, from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, we are inviting you to take part at our next festival, in December 2012.

Many thanks,

President Milorad Djuknic
International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade

International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade