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6th International Underwater Film Festival - Belgrade


Here are the results from 6th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade contests:

Jury: Mr. Steve Lichtag (USA/CZ), Mr. Nikola Petrovic (YU), Mr. Miljan Vuksanovic (YU). All three members of the jury are known underwater film authors, producers and directors, each of them with experience of more than 20 years.

Grand Prix

“Umbria – From Wreck to Reef”, Erich Proll, Universum, Austria

Grand Prix Patron - SMY ONDINA Dive Indonesia - Cruise 2003

Enrique Rubio
Diplad International s.l.

1st Place

“Science of diving”, Michael O’Connor, NHNZ, New Zealand

2nd Place

“Ocean Chronicles”, Leandro Blanco, Spain

3rd Place

“U – boot”, Evgueni Tomashov & Anastasia Budykho, Abyss Diving Club, Russia

Best Yugoslav Film

“Giant on the bottom: Mission Zenta”, Aleksandar Ljustina, Triton Media, Yugoslavia

Award Patron: Natonal Park Djerdap - 7 days tour

Special awards:

Best Director

“Titanic: and then there was silence...”, Alan Bezak, Slovakia

Public Award

“Ocean Men: Challenge of the Deep”, Christoph Redl, H5B5 Media AG, Austria

Jury Award

“Vertical again”, Dusan Varda, Progressive Team, Yugoslavia


Jury: Mr. Tomislav Peternek (YU), Vojkan Kacuric (YU), Zoran Rubinjoni (YU) – all are famous professional Yugoslav underwater photographers, published in almost all Yugoslav and many European newspapers and magazines.

Color photography

1st Place

“Coral and divers”, Taci Yucedere, Turkey

2nd Place

“No Name”, Recep Donmez, Turkey

3rd Place

“Vyraz”, Richard Jaronek, Czech Republic

Black & white

1st Place

“Encounter”, Werner Thiele, Austria

There were 46 films in the competition and more than 35 photos.

International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade

International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade