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15th International Underwater Film Festival - Belgrade


Trejleri nekih od filmova na 15. medjunarodnom Festivalu podvodnog filma

Jaws Comes Home

From out of the murky depths, an Atlantic great white shark emerges to feed

The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales


It's a unique film, which follows the journeys of modern freediving's champions : Stéphane Mifsud, Pierre Frolla, Guillaume Néry, Loïc Leferme and Herbert Nitsch as they double the sport's world records - 11 minutes and 35 seconds without breathing and diving to a depth of 214 meters. Director Jean-François Julian has made an intimate film thanks to his personal relationship with the divers and the 10 years he filmed them. Production Company: Gedeon

330 mètres sous les mers - Teaser

Teaser du portrait du plongeur Pascal Bernabé, héritier d'une longue tradition d'explorateurs sous marins.


The Lamelara tribe are modern-day reminders of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Using the only the most primitive tools, the inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Lembata struggle each day to bring in enough food. The very survival of the tribe depends on the annual hunt of the most revered animal of the sea: the gigantic sperm whale. Hitting the seas in hand-crafted canoes, the tribesmen put their lives on the line to combat the giant beasts with only wooden spears and their own cunning. It is the most primal battle, and not everyone will live on to tell the tale.

Ghost In The Baltic Sea

Teaser: HAVEN, 20 ans après...

'Nadir. El naufragio de El Naranjito' - Trailer HD

"Nadir. El naufragio de El Naranjito" es un documental centrado en descubrir los secretos de el mítico pecio de las costas de Cabo de Palos.

WEIGHTLESS - Emotional Freediving

Freediving is a sport of diving underwater with just one breath in your lungs. It's about keeping the mind at ease, taking a deep breath and letting your self fall into the ocean. This movie is made to show this sport from a new perspective -- an emotional and mythical view. It's fiction

Finding Nai Tucha

Etienne and Santiago, 2 technical dive instructors are on a mission to find, in a maze of underwater lines, Ts and jumps, the right connection between 2 Cenotes: from Cenote "Tres Estrellas" to Cenote "Nai Tucha".

East Scheldt, discovery underwater

Trailer of the documentary which shows the amazing life and unexpected colors in Dutch waters, which look so dark and cold to many.

Light Screen

David a Spanish uw photographer is in Mexico, on a mission for several magazines: to report on the diving in the Yucatan cenotes and about the world’s largest fish: the whale shark.
Carlos, his friend, from Barcelona too, is an uw film maker, and he´s doing a film about David’s job.
But inside the last cenote, Carlos has a dangerous incident…

SS President Coolidge

SS President Coolidge, possibly one of the most majestic liners of the 20th century. This wreck holds many secrets. And the more time distances us from the tragic event that took place on the shores of Espiritu Santo in 1942, the more the ship becomes covered in sea life and legends.

Million Dollar Point, Vanuatu





International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade